Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost in Blackberry menus

Hogarth has the day off today. This is just a quick snap shot from the Project Manager wars.


I've worked in Silicon Valley for a very long time. In that time I have managed to completely avoid ever having to carry a BlackBerry. In fact until last year I avoided any kind of mobile email device. Last year I became an iPhone user at work and have kept using it as a personal device. Never having used a smart phone, I came up to speed on the iPhone in about two days. The interface was easy to understand, the menus were logical, and it was fast to make changes. Two weeks in, I was a pro. I could make my iPhone sit up and do tricks and I started not carrying my laptop around. I had all the data I needed right there on my phone.


I got a BlackBerry two weeks ago….


It took me about three days to understand why BlackBerry is still such a power house. It's spent the last fifteen years training its users. I'm two weeks in and the urge to hurl the device across the parking lot comes about twice a day. It does everything but wash the windows, but figuring out how to get it to not vibrate for anything but Calendar reminders is still baffling me. Heck, I even googled it and I'm still confused. If you have been using the BB for years, I'm sure it is all second nature to you. For someone new to the interface, I feel like I'm trying to understand how reverse derivative debt swaps work with a kindergarten level user manual.


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm six menus into the ring tone preferences and I need to call for a St Bernard rescue dog to lead me out.


Joel BC

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