Thursday, May 24, 2012

So long and thanks for all the bananas

"Keep coming, straight back, doing fine. Oh, you might want to watch out for…"  <crash> "that lamp…"

Doing my best to not tip over the moving dolly I glared at Hogarth. "A little more warning would be helpful."

Hogarth gave me a shrug. "What do you expect from an imaginary gorilla? Besides, when have you ever listened to me before a problem happened?"

I sighed, he had me there. With a shrug, I wheeled the boxes around the broken lamp.

Plenty of time to clean up the mess, we were going to be a while after all.

Breaking a branch off one off my newest fichus, Hogarth said. "No place like home."

Moving Day

On November 05, 2009 I published the first of Hogarth and my adventures in blogging. With a motto of "I've done a lot of stupid things, no reason anyone else has to." Google Blogger made getting started very easy and I've enjoyed my time here at "The gorilla is named Hogarth.

Yet all good things must come to an end. And with an end is a new beginning. Today Hogarth and I moved into our very own space. Moving forward you'll find us at ""

Thank you, Google and we'll see all of you on the Gorilla Preserve.

Joel and Hogarth